Monday, November 11, 2013

[SOLD]Waterman 5 Purple Keyhole Nib $65

[SOLD]Waterman 5 Purple Keyhole Nib

This Waterman 5 is in great shape with its original Purple Keyhole Nib, and the Purple disc on the butt end with superb imprints. Very deep and crisp. The pen has no cracks, chips, or bite marks. Nice glossy black finish. The chrome trim has a little bit of wear, but most of it is shiny. Threads are excellent, and the cap screws on smooth/snug. The Purple Keyhole nib is described as a Firm Fine for pressureless writing that is great for a accounting nib. This Purple Keyhole nib is closer to a XF/F, firm nib that is nice and smooth especially for a width this thin. With some pressure more ink is delivered, but it is a firm nib that writes a consistent XF/F. Pen would be excellent for daily writing/fast writing. Nice and rare pen that is highly collectible among vintage pens. The nib does have a tiny bend to the left probably one degree or less. Most likely caused by the nib not having enough clearance when the cap is screwed on, but the bend is so slight that ink flow is not affected, and the nib is still very smooth. Has a new sac, and ready for a new home. Please check pics for a better description. Writing sample is done on .5cm grid 90 gsm Clairefontaine paper.  Please excuse my crappy handwriting which doesn't do the pen justice. Measurements: 12.8cm capped, 16.3cm posted, and 12cm unposted.

Asking price is $65 shipped within CONUS via Priority with tracking/insurance. USA buyers preferred. International buyers please PM or Email for shipping rates. I am not responsible for any duty fees incurred since I have no control over customs.

Please check my FPN profile for sale history since I ask previous buyers to leave feedback there. And also check out my blog which shows inventory of what I have available.

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