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Hello pen lovers! My name is Tommy, I'm a pen collector/restorer. I look for deals far and wide to try to turn a small profit to fuel my pen collecting habits. Almost all the pens I list are vintage, and unless stated otherwise will come in working condition. That means once you get it you can do a quick flush with tap water in case there is a little bit of ink residue from my writing sample which I do flush afterwards,(even a brand new pen you should flush for optimal performance) ink it, and start writing right away. I am not a Nib Meister, or expert repairman(working my way there!), but all pens I list unless stated otherwise will be restored to full functionality upon arrival to you.
All questions, comments, or pen inquiries can be addressed to my E-Mail.
Have a great day, and keep on writing!

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  1. Fun guy to do business with. Thanks for everything Tommy!


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