Monday, January 20, 2014

[SOLD]Waterman Flex Pen w/o Clip/Top Jewel $40

[SOLD]Waterman Flex Pen w/o Clip/Top Jewel

This is a user grade pen once the top of the cap is plugged. I haven't had the time to do this, so anyone willing to do the work will get a great vintage flex nib on a user grade pen for highly discounted price! Like I said this is a user grade pen due to the missing clip and top jewel, and the missing cap band. There are no cracks, chips, or bite marks to the pen. And the threads are excellent allowing the cap to screw on/off smooth and snug. The trim on the lever is excellent and the lever functions flawlessly. The nib is the original Waterman's 14k gold Ideal nib which has alot of flex. Easily a full flex+, and it writes smooth as well! Puts down a beautiful line from Fine to BB+ with beautiful shading. If left unplugged the nib would dry out from the open top in the cap, but even if used for a dip pen with a feed it is a great steal! Writing sample is done on .5cm grid 90 gsm Clairefontaine paper. Measurements: 12.5cm capped, 15.2cm posted, and 11.5cm unposted.

Asking price is $40 shipped within CONUS via Priority with tracking/insurance. USA buyers preferred. International buyers please PM or Email for shipping rates. I am not responsible for any duty fees incurred since I have no control over customs.

Check out my Blog( shows inventory of what I have available.

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