Thursday, June 27, 2013

[SOLD]Swan 4661 #6 Flexible Leverless! $140

[SOLD]Swan 4661 #6 Flexible Nib 
Pen ID #A213
Have quite a special pen for sale today. Most Swans come in the #2 or uncommon #4 nibs, but this fat beauty has a #6 Flexible nib! It is the more high end Leverless model, and the whole pen is in Black Hard Rubber(Ebonite). Imprints are all there although not the deepest. It is legible to the naked eye :) The gold trim looks great on the pen. The clip has excellent tension, and the ball has the slightest hint of wear which is near impossible to see without blown up pictures. The cap band is nice and shiny and you can catch my reflection in it in certain pics. The pen has the original Swan 14k #6 nib, and is extremely flexible. It writes a wet and juicy M/B line when unflexed and flexes very nicely to BBB+. For those that want a bigger line while retaining huge amount of line variation than this pen is it for you! It writes a very buttery smooth line. There is one downside to the pen and that is the cap feels sticky and does not screw smoothly. It does however feel solid when you cap it and would not uncap itself under normal use. The threads are fine, but maybe the inner cap threads are not crisp like the barrel threads. Almost feels like you can use it as a slip cap because of the snugness when capping. The pen is rather large and chunky. Reminds me of the Montblanc 146 I've recently sold. Very similar in size and heft. Has a new sac, and ready for a new home. Please check pics for a better description. Writing sample is done on .5cm light grid print on HP 24lb laserjet paper. Measurements for the pen are: 13.2cm capped, 16.5cm posted, and 12cm unposted.

Asking price is $140 shipped within CONUS via First Class with tracking/insurance. USA buyers preferred. International buyers please PM or Email for shipping rates. I am not responsible for any duty fees incurred since I have no control over customs.

Please check my FPN profile for sale history since I ask previous buyers to leave feedback there. And also check out my blog which shows inventory of what I have available.

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