Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[SOLD]Waterman 12 1/2 w/Gold Bands $125

[SOLD]Waterman 12 1/2 w/Gold Bands

Great full length vintage Waterman flex pen. The chasing is more prominent on the cap than the body. Threads are crisp, and the cap screws on/off smooth and snug. Gold trim is very good throughout the pen except for the lever box, but lever itself is very nice and shiny. The imprints are a bit faint, but is legible. The pen's nib is flexible and is a full flex nib. Beautiful Waterman's Ideal 14k gold nib writes from Fine to BB+ with nice shading when using a shading ink. For some reason the pen doesn't take on a full fill like other 12 or 52 1/2's I've dealt with. It should still easily write a few pages, but this is something I should disclose, and is why the pen is discounted even though it is in very good condition. Hard rubber has minimal oxidation and can only be seen in bright lighting distinguishing where the capped portion of the pen is a hint darker. This is very common for hard rubber as these pens hit the century old mark. Writing sample is done on .5cm grid 90 gsm Clairefontaine paper. Measurements: 13.3cm capped, 16.3cm posted, and 12.7cm unposted.

Asking price is $125 shipped within CONUS via Priority with tracking/insurance. USA buyers preferred. International buyers please PM or Email for shipping rates. I am not responsible for any duty fees incurred since I have no control over customs.

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