Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[SOLD]Waterman Bordeaux w/ #4 Keyhole nib$120

[SOLD]Waterman Bordeaux w/ #4 Keyhole nib

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't actually know the pen model this is. It is a very dark Burgundy/Bordeaux color, but I had a very hard time capturing that in the pics. IT IS NOT BLACK. Now to the prized jewel of this pen the #4 Keyhole nib!! A very rare and sought after nib. This Waterman's 14k Key Hole nib made in England is a superb writer. SUPER smooth, and full flex that writes from a XF/F - BB. The imprints are a little faint, but is legible and says, "Waterman's Made in England." The gold trim is very good on clip, and the lever and cap bands show a little wear. Threads are very good. While the nib may or may not be original this pen is an upgrade with that keyhole nib. This pen is a little thicker and longer than similar styled Watermans. Measurements are: 13.2cm capped, 12.5cm unposted, and 16cm posted. No cracks, chips, or big scratches. Fitted with a new sac, and ready for a new home. Please check pics for a better description. Writing sample is done on .5cm dotted HP 24lb laserjet paper.

Please check my FPN profile for sale history since I ask previous buyers to leave feedback there. And also check out my blog which shows inventory of what I have available.

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