Sunday, January 27, 2013

[SOLD]Swan Gold Filled Lever Pen $135

[SOLD]Swan Gold Filled Lever Filling Pen

Beautiful condition Swan manufactured when Mabie Todd was in their prime around the 20's. The gold filling has help up like a champ with only some wear on the edge of the section. The body is un-monogrammed, while the cap has an engraving done tastefully. Imprints are very good. The Chevron pattern makes the pen look very exquisite! The ends are shiny and quite reflective as you can see in some of the pics. The nib is original Mabie Todd 14k Oblique M/B that flexes nicely to BB, and some would even consider it beyond BB. Threads are very nice and cap screws on smoothly. There is a ping at the butt end which I highlighted in the pics. Overall the pen is in excellent condition.  Please check pics for a better description. Writing sample is done on .5cm dotted HP 24lb laserjet paper. Measurements are: 13.2 cm overall, 17cm posted, 11.2cm unposted.

Please check my FPN profile for sale history since I ask previous buyers to leave feedback there. And also check out my blog which shows inventory of what I have available.

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