Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[TRADED]Aiken Lambert "The Capitol" Eyedropper BCHR

[TRADED]Aiken Lambert "The Capitol" Eyedropper in BCHR

This is a very old eyedropper filler from the Aiken Lambert Co. before being bought out by water. It is in good condition with some minor overall wear. The BCHR is still very dark. Imprints are a bit weak on the cap, but can be made out and reads, "THE CAPITOL DROP FILL SCREW CAP AIKEN LAMBERT CO. N.Y." You can see lines of where a slip over clip once resided, and has a tiny bit of shrinkage which doesn't affect functionality. Threads are excellent, and screw on/off smoothly and tight. No bite marks or dents or any major damage. The nib is original and 14k with imprints of, "14k ALCO" The nib is medium flex from a XF-B+ This pen is sold as semi-working. Let me explain, after cleaning I filled the pen to do a writing sample. At the end of the writing sample I noticed 1 drop of ink that accumulated on the bottom of the feed. I wiped it away and kept writing with it to see if it would leak some more. After about 1/2 a page of scribbling it did not leak anymore ink. So buyer please be aware of this. Measurements are 13.2cm overall, 16.5cm posted, 12cm unposted.

Asking price is $75 shipped within CONUS via Priority with tracking. USA buyers preferred. International buyers please PM or Email for shipping rates.

Please check my FPN profile for sale history since I ask previous buyers to leave feedback there. And also check out my blog which shows inventory of what I have available.

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