Thursday, February 21, 2013

[SOLD]Waterman 12 1/2v PSF

[Private]Waterman 12 1/2v PSF

Black chased hard rubber with some oxidation, but chasing/details are visble, although not the most crisp. The gold trim on lever is excellent with superb details on Ideal Globe. Gold filled cap top/ring top shows a little wear, but full intact and looks good for how old the pen is. The model number imprint on the butt of the pen is very good with some red paint left in it. Easily legible to the naked eye. Pen is all original. The original 14k nib is XF possibly XXF, and capable of hairlines. Flexes to BB+. Nib is Superflex bordering Wet Noodle if not considered by some to be Wet Noodle right off the bat.

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